New Publication: »Open strategy-making with crowds and communities«

Academic publication processes often take some time. For example, the article “Open strategy-making with crowds and communities: Comparing Wikimedia and Creative Commons” by Jakob Kapeller and myself, which has now been published in Long Range Planning, is not entirely new. Back in 2013 at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, we had already received the prestigious Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award for a previous version of the article. Several rounds of revision later, we can proudly present the abstract of the now published final version of the paper:

In the wake of new digital technologies, organizations rely increasingly on contributions by external actors to innovate or even to fulfill their core tasks, including strategy-making processes. These external actors may take the form of crowds, where actors are isolated and dispersed, or of communities, where these actors are related and self-identify as members of their communities. While we know that including new actors in strategy-making may lead to tensions, we know little about how these tensions differ when either crowds or communities are concerned. Investigating this question by analyzing open strategy-making initiatives conducted by two non-profit organizations (Creative Commons and Wikimedia), we find that tensions with communities may be resolved with increasing openness in strategy-making, while crowds are better compatible with more exclusive strategy-making practices.

The full text of the article is available at the journal’s website. As usual, please send me an e-mail in case you are interested but your institution does not provide access to the journal.

»Zeit für Wissenschaft«: Leonhard Dobusch im Podcast der Universität Innsbruck

Zeit für Wissenschaft” ist der Titel der offiziellen Podcast-Reihe der Universität Innsbruck, in denen sich Melanie Bartos mit WissenschaftlerInnen ausführlich über ihre jeweilige Forschung unterhält. In der Ausgabe 32 der Podcast-Reihe war Leonhard Dobusch vom Institut für Organisation und Lernen das Gegenüber und sprach mit Melanie Bartos über Open Source, Creative Commons, Wikipedia und das Thema organisationale „Offenheit“ ganz allgemein.

Download des Podcasts als MP3

Erfreulicherweise – und passend zum Thema dieser Ausgabe – steht der Podcast unter einer Creative Commons Lizenz.