Join the Organidons: Organization and Management Scholars on Mastodon

This is what Open AI makes out of the instruction “organization scholarship in the style of digital retro art”

With its decentralized and non-profit nature, the Fediverse in general and Mastodon in particular provide a fitting and low-threshold opportunity to follow interesting researchers and practitioners, stay in touch with colleagues and share research output with the world. However, for a social network to thrive, it requires a critical mass of active users. To make it easier to find and (re-)connect with fellow organization and management scholars on Mastodon, we have launched the Organidons project: a curated opt-in only list of organization and management scholars on Mastodon.

The creation of this list was inspired by the collection of lists at Academics on Mastodon over at Github.

In addition, we have also extracted via fedifinder those people who are following the account of the journal Organization Studies on Twitter (@osofficer) and have put their Mastodon handle in their Twitter profile to be found there. Check out this list to get an overview of some people who are already on Mastodon (this list is static and won’t be updated in the future).

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