Guest Lecture at the DiSCourse Seminar: “Openness as Organizing Principle: Dilemmas across Domains” [Updates]

The Digital Science Center (DiSC) at the University of Innsbruck invited me to give a talk in their lecture series “DiSCourse Seminar” on Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 13:15. Please check out the abstract of my talk on “Openness as Organizing Principle: Dilemmas across Domains”:

‘Openness’ has become an organizational leitmotif of our time, spreading across a growing set of organizational domains. However, most discussions within these specialized domains (e.g. open data, open innovation or open strategy) pursue openness as a program, focusing on challenges specific to the particularities of those domains. Conceptualizing openness as a dynamic organizing principle along dimensions of transparency/opacity and inclusion/exclusion allows theorizing and potentially addressing dilemmas associated with programmatic approaches to openness across these various domains.

Participants are invited to join the event at the Digital Science Center, Innrain 15, Open Space Area (1st floor) or online via Big Blue Button.

[Update, January 13, 2023] Please check out the slides of my talk below:

[Update, January 16, 2023] A recording of the talk is now available via YouTube:

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