The Austrian Strategizing Activities & Practices Community met in Innsbruck

The Strategizing Activities and Practices (SAP) is an Interest Group at the Academy of Management and thus quite global. However, beyond international meetings and online collaborations, we thought more regional meetings would be nice to allow for informal exchange and peer learning. And the first Austrian SAP Community meeting on January 13, 2023, demonstrated that this thesis was highly accurate. Thanks to all who joined us in Innsbruck – and a special thank you goes to Milena Leybold, who was the lead organizer of the event.

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Looking back on the 10th Sociology of Conventions Workshop in Innsbruck

Guillemette de Larquier, Kenneth Horvath, Lisa Knoll, Rainer Diaz-Bone, Julia Brandl

From April 26-27, 2019, the 10th Sociology of Conventions Workshop with the topic “Conventions@Work” took place at University of Innsbruck. Together with Bianca Schoenherr, Katharina Zangerle provides a summary of key discussion points of the workshop over at the blog “Économie des conventions“:

Variety in regard to disciplines (e.g., Sociologist, Economists, Historians), origin (e.g., France, Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria), empirical interests (e.g., from migration, health, the digital, social policy, science, farming, to intellectual property regulations and information security…), but connected through the common theoretical perspective, characterized the audience composed of about 35 scientists. Besides, it was the workshops format, which allowed the presenters adequate time (45 minutes) to make clear their arguments and respond to the assigned discussants’ and audiences’ responses of different sorts, that triggered the discussion. The following overview serves to communicate current developments in the community, but makes no account to be complete.

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