New Article: »From Becoming to Being Digital: The Emergence and Nature of the Post-Digital«

Foto: Leonhard Dobusch, CC BY 4.0

The article published in the journal i-com is based upon a revised transcript of an online discussion among four co-authors with different disciplinary backgrounds: Benjamin Müller (University of Lausanne) is an information system scholar, Sarah Diefenbach (LMU Munich) is a psychologist, Katharina Baer is a practitioner co-organizing a media conference series and myself as an organization scholar. What we all share is an interest in digital transformation, which led us to the topic of the article “From Becoming to Being Digital: The Emergence and Nature of the Post-Digital”. Specifically, we discuss the following questions:

Thus, if digitalization as a phenomenon is transitory, what should we expect in society, business, and science once this turn is complete? What will a world that is digitalized look like? And until then, how do we deal with the challenges that increasingly far-reaching digitalization seems to pose for us today? In short, how can we approach an understanding of the post-digital, even today?

Müller et al. (2021: 319)

In case you or your institution does not have access to the full text of the article, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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