Looking back at the OS ConJunction Students and Alumni Day 2018: “The Value of Organizing and the Organization of Value(s)”


Last Friday, the 3rd OS ConJunction Students and Alumni Day took place at the Haus der Begegnung in Innsbruck. As the title already gives away, this year’s event was all about values.

After a theoretical introduction by Richard Weiskopf, where he gave an overview on “The Value of Values in Organizing”, the panel discussion related theory to organizational praxis.

In a vivid discussion, the panelists Stephan Laske (Transformation Management AG), Tabea Ebel (Lebenshilfe Tirol), Ursula Randolf (BTV) and Konrad Frank (Accenture) shared interesting insights on the role of values in their respective organizations.

Switching back to theory, Birthe Soppe talked about how values are “manufactured” and how changing values in society can contribute to the emergence of new markets.

The formal part of the event was concluded by the graduation speech of the Master’s class of 2018, which gave quite surprising insights about the different motivations of the students to study OS: it seems that students of OS are self-exploring pragmatists. A good basis for becoming “reflective practitioners and experts in complexity”!

As every year, the ConJunction Day continued with a more informal part at Brennpunkt Coffee Competence, with great food, drinks and conversations. A true ConJunction of different ideas, experiences and generations.

With over 110 participants, this year’s edition was the biggest so far, and we are looking forward to next year. Stay tuned for the OS ConJunction Day 2019!


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