Looking back on the 33rd EGOS Colloquium on »The Good Organization«

EGOS is the acronym of “European Group of Organization Studies” and its annual Colloquium is definitely one of the highlights for organization studies scholars across disciplines. This year the 33rd EGOS Colloquium entitled “The Good Organization: Aspirations – Interventions – Struggles” took place at Copenhagen Business School. Several scholars from University of Innsbruck’s school of management presented papers, which are available from the authors upon request:

Sub-theme 12: Being Good or Looking Good? Interrogating the Contradictions and Tensions in Organizational Ethics

  • Dobusch, L., Dobusch, L., & Kreissl, K.: Approaching the “Good Organization”: Comparing open, inclusive and alternative organizations

Sub-theme 17: Values, Entrepreneurship and Organizing

  • Weiskopf, R., & Zimmermann, P.: Problematizing corruption as moral entrepreneurship. The example of Transparency International

Sub-theme 50: Open Strategy: Practices, Perspectives and Problems

Sub-theme 65: The Organizational Origins and Consequences of Competition

  • Dobusch, L., Hondros, K., Quack, S., & Zangerle, K.: Competition, cooperation and creativity: The role of intellectual property in arts and science


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