New Article on »Creating digital innovation« in Research Policy

In the article “Creating digital innovation: Bridging analog and digital expertise” I, together with my co-authors Raissa Pershina and Taran Thune (both University of Oslo), investigate how digital innovation is created. The empirical setting for our study is the development of digital serious games, a novel breed of digital learning products whose creation involves a wide range of gaming/digital and learning/analog expertise. We look at how experts rooted in digital and analog knowledge domains jointly innovate.

One key finding is that the diverse experts rely on boundary-spanning tools such as prototypes, mockups and whiteboards that serve as important knowledge bridges for the diverse experts to increasingly align and integrate their divergent knowledge. Another key finding is that that the interplay among digital and non-digital boundary-spanning tools supports the gradual transformation of digital and analog expertise into a novel digital format.

The paper was published in Research Policy and is available as a full-text here.


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