Research Blog Recommendation (2): Work in Progress

Graph used as an avatar picture for the “Work in Progress” Twitter account @WIPsociology

Blogs are always work in progress. Ideally, the endless format of blogging allows to continuously revise and add to previous lines of thought and argument. Ironically, the blog “Work in Progress” mostly presents concise summaries of already published sociological studies in the fields of economy, work and inequality. The title nevertheless fits, not only because of its nod to a politically progressive undertone but also because the end of a research project is – at best – the beginning of some policy changes.

The blog is co-sponsored by four different sections of the American Sociological Association (ASA) and intends “to disseminate sociological research and findings to the general public, with a particular emphasis on contributing to policy debates.” Continue reading “Research Blog Recommendation (2): Work in Progress”

Research Blog Recommendation (1):

This series points to other research blogs of potential interest for the Organization Studies Innsbruck Community. is a multi-author blog run mostly by US scholars. All bloggers at share a strong research orientation and they take organization theory seriously. The basic load of the blog is provided by hard blogging researcher Fabio Rojas, professor of sociology at Indiana University.  He has also authored over 40 posts on “grad school rulez”, explaining everything there is to know about US graduate education and PhD programs (see also the e-book version).

Above all, is one of the oldest and continuously filled blogs in the realm of organization studies and therefore a worthy first entry in this series. Check back soon for more recommendations.

At a glance:

  • provides timely assessment of current debates in organization theory from a US perspective.
  • URL:
  • Twitter/Facebook: –